Asian Seed Congress 2017 Special Interest Group: Hybrid Rice Meeting

From Left: Dr. Narendra Dadlani; Vaibhav Kashikar; Dr. Jauhar Ali; Dr. Frisco Malabanan;
Jiang Sanqiao; Arthur Santosh Attavar and Kunaporn Phuntunil.

APSA’s Special Interest Group meeting on Hybrid Rice (SIG-HR) was opened by SIG-HR Chair, Dr. Frisco Malabanan, who discussed the latest developments in research and market challenges. Dr. Jauhar Ali, a Hybrid Rice Breeder from International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, addressed issues relating to enhanced adoption of hybrid rice in the region in his presentation
“Sustaining the Rice Bowls of Asia through Hybrid Rice Technology under Changing Climatic Conditions”. Dr. Ali discussed the need for hybrid rice technology for Asian markets and the reasons for low adoption of this technology, considered vital for food security in the countries in the region where rice is a staple crop. Dr. Ali highlighted the key considerations for designing rice hybrids
for Asian markets in light of the market needs of key nations. He discussed changes in the breeding systems initiated at IRRI, Philippines, such as moving towards two-line hybrid breeding systems and slowly phasing out three-line systems.

He said that the focus is now on developing multiple stress tolerant parental lines and genomic-assisted parental line breeding for obtaining climate smart rice hybrids. He also detailed the changes initiated in IRRI’s Hybrid Rice Development Consortium (HRDC) and how this partnership programme with the private sector is helping seed companies in their rice breeding enterprises.

The presentation was followed by a Round Table discussion on “Hybrid Rice Seed Production”. The panelists for this session, moderated by Dr. Jauhar Ali were Dr. Frisco Malabanan (SL Agritech Corporation, Philippines); Mr. Vaibhav Kashikar (Ankur Seeds, India); Mr. Arthur Santosh Attavar (Indo American Hybrid Seeds, India) and Mr. Jiang Sanqiao (Winall Hitech Seed Co., China).

Discussions covered the challenges faced in hybrid rice seed production, which are key to improving the adoption of hybrid rice technology in the region.


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