These committees meet every one-two months to discuss issues and activities pertaining to their field. They assist in the planning of study tours and expert consultations and prepare position papers with regards to these topics. Members of these committees are professionals in their field and may be consulted for speaking engagements and other issues pertaining to the committee subject matter. If you are an active member of APSA and would like to join a Standing Committee, please contact the APSA office in order to be connected to the Chairperson for registration and future involvement.


Name Position
Standing Committee – International Trade and Quarantine
Rajvir Rathi Chair
Abigail Struxness Co – Chair
Standing Committee – Seed Technology
Johan van Asbrouk Chair
 Manish Patel Co – Chair
Standing Committee – Intellectual Property Rights and Biodiversity
Arvind Kapur Chair
Casper van Kempen Co – Chair