APSA, in collaboration with Kasetsart University (KU), hosted the inaugural Asian Cucurbit Round Table (ACRT),  19 – 21 July in Bangkok.

Held at the Vajiranusorn Building, Kasetsart University (Bangkhen Campus) with technical sessions on the first two days, the ACRT concluded with a field visit to the World Vegetable Centre’s Tropical Research Station at KU’s Kamphaeng Saen campus on the third and final day.

The focus of the event was on key commercial cucurbit crops, which include watermelon, melon, bitter gourd and cucumber; though discourse applied to other commercially important curcurbits such as pumpkin, squash and zucchini.

ACRT will serve as the ideal research forum, featuring presentations from accomplished, expert keynote speakers, in addition to a panel discussion led by representatives from research institutes, universities and seed companies.

Discussions will focus on topics spanning Cucurbit diseases, quality management and diagnostic assays, advanced breeding technology, country market updates and challenges in Asia. The meeting will
also explore potential collaborations between the private and public sectors.

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