1. APSA is pleased to open registration for the Innovative Technology in Breeding and Seed Production Study Tour to Israel, which is scheduled from the 21st – 28th of September, 2019 in Israel.
  2. The tour is being co-organized by APSA’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Vegetables and Ornamentals and in collaboration with the Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce and the Economic and Trade Mission, Embassy of Israel in Thailand.

The itinerary includes visits to a number of local and international shttps://apsa.wildapricot.org/eventseed companies, farms and research facilities in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Participants will also enjoy a day of leisure visiting popular tourist destinations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem areas, exact details to be confirmed.

Hosts* include:

  • Agreenseed
  • Seed-X
  • Hazera Seeds
  • Philoseed
  • OriGene Seed
  • Equinome
  • Hebrew University / Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center
  • Breed-X
  • Evogene
  • Prospera
  • PlantArcBio

Registration fee to participate in the Study Tour is only US$3,000 per person and only employees of active APSA Members are eligible for registration. The study tour is limited to only 20 delegates so APSA will confirm participants on first-come first-service basis.

Click here for registration

The cost is per delegate and includes hotel accommodations, transportation and meals in Israel, but DOES NOT include flight tickets to/from Israel, the cost for which shall be borne by participants.

Participants are also responsible for obtaining the correct type of visa in advance. APSA will coordinate the issuance of invitation letters for delegates upon request once the payment is settled.

The last day of registration is on August 23, 2019. Any cancellation after August 23, 2019 will not be refunded. Changes of delegate names after August 23, 2019 will be charged $50 USD per delegate.

For more information and inquiries, please contact APSA Technical Coordination Manager, Ms. Kunaporn Phuntunil at kuna@apsaseed.org

* Hosts can be changed without prior notice.