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This year, Asian Seed & Planting Material is stepping up its marketing game. Times have changed, and continue to change as we embrace the rapid digitization of marketing and communications in 2018 and beyond. While conventional static advertising still has its place and function in the publishing world, there are a number of new and more effective digital and dynamic marketing tools available to get your message out more effectively. In addition to our standard advertising offerings, Asian Seed & Planting Material is pleased to offer four new products, which are available à la carte, or in one of our value-added packages.

As its name suggests, an advertorial is a hybrid between an “Advertisement” and “Editorial”. Unlike a conventional static ad, which emphasizes imagery, and thus most effective for brand building campaigns, an advertorial is content that is rich in text and information. Sometimes referred to as “Native Advertising” an advertorial is more effective than static advertising in relaying important or complex information to target audiences, since it is generally constructed just like an article, with a narrative. An advertorial may be a simple news article about a new product or company development, and feature an interview with an executive, research or other key person, or it can be a comprehensive review of a product or service. Like articles, an advertorial calls for a logically-constructed story line with an effective headline and imagery to “hook” and “reel in” potential customers. Due to their effective penetration potential, advertorials are applied a premium over static advertising rates, which is 10%. This marketing solution is ideal if you already have skilled communications and marketing personnel with clearly defined objectives; however, if you require editorial support to produce relevant or interesting content, the editorial team of Asian Seed & Planting Material is ready to assist. The length of the advertorial depends on the size of the advertorial space (quarter, half, full page or spread) and the number of photos you wish to use. For example, a half page advertorial with one good lead photo may be between 400-600 words, while a full page would be double that. The word count is leveraged by adding more photos or other graphic elements (charts, graphs, etc.) All of our content is proofread and screened for relevance and compliance with applicable policies and laws.

APSA Calendar
Produced annually, the APSA Calendar is an effective brand-building and APSA-association tool that is very popular among members. Distributed to all delegates at the Asian Seed Congress, the calendar is quickly booked out and quickly is afforded a waiting list. This year, we are opening booking for our calendar early, and will give priority to advertisers who opt on one of our magazine advertising packages (2 and 3). Calendar advertising includes two elements: the actual stand-alone static advertisement (200mm wide by 190mm high), which is produced by the client, and the organization contact card, which accompanies the actual calendar of the month that is booked. Don’t miss this opportunity to be featured prominently on the desks of some of the most important people in the seed industry.

Facebook & Social Media Marketing
Since  it was relaunched in October, 2016, our new APSA Facebook page quickly became one of the most active and followed seed industry pages on the world’s most popular social media platform. As of January 2018, the page had nearly 5,000 followers and likes, and continues to gain organic new followers every day. Members and other seed industry stakeholders go to the page, to not only for APSA news, but also to keep abreast of regional industry news, which is updated to APSA’s website and social media channels regularly. Keen on the latest digital communications theories, tools and techniques, APSA is prepared to help clients effectively target and reach wider and specifically-defined audiences. By boosting tailored content through a paid digital advertising campaign, APSA can help you penetrate specifically-defined target audiences in terms of demographics (geographical location, age, gender, hobbies, etc.). Such campaigns are the most cost-effective way to disseminate news and branding with the audience of your choosing, while maintaining strong association with the world’s largest regional seed industry association. Whether you’re launching a new seed product or opening a new production facility and want to quickly inform executive level stakeholders – in Lahore, Brisbane and Kuala Lumpur, for example – than this marketing solution is the way to go. APSA will follow up with tracking reports for each campaign so you know exactly how effective each campaign is.

We also offer targeting campaigns through Twitter and LinkedIn. Inquire for more details.

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